A handmade aran cardigan made with LOVE
So the journey to produce a piece of history for my Father & Mother started a few years ago when McHugh was born.
I had grown up being taught to knit by my Mother along with other crafts like crochet, rug making and sewing.
From a young child we would travel to Ireland every holiday where we would make so many happy memories that stayed with us forever.
We would go into the local town and watch them weaving the yarn to make clothes at the well known Magee Store known for Prince Charles wearing one of their famous tweed jackets, and visit local ladies and relatives who would knit these incredible aran sweaters.
It is a big part of my heritage and something I wanted to reproduce one day and now after a long time finding the right yarn, the knitters and getting the design and pattern right I am so happy to be able to offer you a piece of something that means so much to me.
The yarn is 100% soft merino wool from Donegal Yarns and is one of the best you can find.
This piece is made with so much LOVE from me to the woman iv worked with over the last couple of years Rosealine with who is an example of a  true entrepreneur a teacher of crafts and designer for the top brands in the world. I pray this craft will not die and will continue in the country I call home Ireland.
This is for you Mom & Dad to say thank you for being the best parents anyone could ever wish for and I hope that this dream of mine will be in other people homes to enjoy and keep the name MCHUGH alive forever. xxxx
My wish is that when you wear this, memorable memories are made.........