The Story



With a background in fashion interiors and leisure I am very proud to be able to bring you brands I love from my travels abroad and also from artisans based in the UK.
With a love of handmade and the artisan culture from the fun and quirky to the minimalistic I hope you love them as much as I do.
Never liking the norm I am always in search of hidden gems, rare finds from different cultures and far away villages and hard working creative individuals.
Always on the lookout for new inspiration for my lifestyle clothing and accessories.
In 2018 I decided to grow my own brand which started with my own small knitwear collection.
After dipping my feet I’m so excited for AW19/20 with collaborations with Maridruna, and the launch of MCHUGH LOUNGEWEAR.
The Lounge Luxe  collections have grown since then and now in 2021 we have several limited edition styles to choose from.
And so to 2022 the journey continues and the dream of my own handmade Aran finally comes true.
My range is eclectic bohemian glamour and my wish is that every time you look or feel it, it makes you smile.